House Hunting...not to be confused with HGTV's House Hunters

Though if we were on House Hunters, we may be that much closer to having our first place, but as of right now we are in short sale limbo. Has anyone else been in this hellacious limbo land? (Yeah I'm pretty sure it's a real place that you only have the knowledge of if you've been there!)

We made an offer on a condo in short sale status a month ago as of yesterday, and we haven't heard a peep, so we have 30 more days until we satisfy the 60 day required wait time in the contract. If we don't here from the bank by June 15th (PS - that's one day before my BIRTHDAY!) then we can either walk or extend and wait for 45 more days! 

In short...blah blah blah blah!

Does anyone have any short sale stories?

And let's not forget Miss Penelope and how patience is not a virtue she possesses. She is done with apartment living and is ready to move on up!


PS - On a crafty note - I got the most amazing fabric in the mail today that I ordered for a custom pet pad order, it has got to be the softest fleece I've used so far, and let's not forget how darn cute it is!

So until next time.....

Cat Nip and Chew Toys


  1. I guess no news is good news, for 30 more days at least. I have a friend who sold her house as a short sale and it was a nightmare on her end as well! Good luck--hope you get it.


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