Well I do believe it's a coupon code kinda day!

Hello fabulous ladies and gentlemen!

How was your Monday? I know Mondays can be kind of hit and miss so I thought maybe I could throw in a Coupon Code for my Etsy shop!

This is for ANY fur kid parent or friend of a person who has a fur baby looking to add some uber fun cat nip toys (Nip and Kick Sticks) or maybe a Snooze N Play Pet Pad for their pup or cat that wants to spice up their current pet bed and get a completely unique and fully customized bed! My fur baby crew preferred their beds to have monograms so they could identify whose was whose!
*They don't share well!*

Here is the blog only coupon code! For 10% for entire purchase use the code - BLOGGER10OFF

Any if you have any questions, or maybe would like to see some "Happy Tails" photos of past custom orders, or are thinking you would like a custom pet pad, just convo me on Etsy and we can start getting your ideas and details all put together!

Now I hope that brightens up the Monday a bit, because I did a little shopping on Etsy today (yes for my fe-lion crew!) and it certainly made me smile, my littlest lion Penelope was in the market for a new collar because she's getting so big!

One work day down, four to go, commence countdown! 

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,


  1. Hey Jenna!

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm your newest follower-- love the pawprint bg!



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