Aly's Dream Polish Review - Blue Lapis #59

So as I've mentioned many a times before...I love me some Aly's Dream Polish.
I hope if you had not tried Aly's prior to seeing reviews on them that you felt compelled to try at least one! I promise you are missing out if you don't at least test the waters with one or two polishes!
I warn you will be back for more after you make your first purchase.
I was watching something on TV over the weekend and saw a girl wearing a bright blue polish. That of course made ME want to wear a bright blue polish. I was perusing my stash and laid eyes on this untried Aly's and just knew it was the one.
Swoon freaking city. Seriously.

                               Indirect Sunlight                                            Indoor dim light
Coats -
Two thin coats. Stunning from the start. No issues with formula.
Color Intensity -
How do you feel about blue? Because if you love it like I will LOVE this. A gorgeous classic hue blue. No purple lean. Just true blue. So rich and so vivid. A subtle scattered holo. This beauty shines in any light. Dim or bright. Also I wore this for THREE days with no wear or chipping.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Eeeeek! Aly's!

An added bonus of Aly's...they aren't a pain in the butt to acquire.

Where to find all the pretty -


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