What I Wore Wednesday - Floral Frock and What Not

 Happy speed bump to the weekend day!
It's a huge freaking speed bump...like one you have to go 5 mph over...but it's there nonetheless.
So today I have a floral number to share with you and it's not something I would typicall wear. Come to find out...it's one of my FAVE items in my closet now. It was a hand me down from a coworker of mine and I figured it would work for a throw on and go type ensemble. Then low and behold...I love it. It can be dressed up or down. Well dressed up as in...made work appropriate.
Do you have one of those hidden gems in your closet?
Dress - hand me down
Necklace - Forever 21 (sold out!)
Cardigan - Charter School Cardigan in Brown
Tights - Target tights
Shoes - Zulily sale - "brand" is MyDeliciousShoes
Glasses - Zenni Optical
Ring - Instagram Shop - @kitschy1969
Nail Polish - Myster Pahlish!
Let's get detailed -


So to my surprise these shoes were adorable and super comfortable. This is the first time I had worn them since getting them from Zulily.
Look when you spent less than 10 bucks on a pair of shoes, which is normally my price range on zulily shoes, it's surprising when they are comfortable.
Also I know it's glaringly obvious now that most of my shoes/accesories come from Zulily...this I cannot help...the deals are too hard to pass up. The shoes especially!
I will see you tomorrow for an Aly's mani post!!

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