Enchanted Polish and Pahlish Review - Featuring Ciao Milano and Mad Man with a Box

I'm not normally a big fan of showing two polishes as one review.
Then Ciao Milano came into my life and I just had to post photos of it. Since it's a topper and not a stand alone polish next came finding a good pairing!
I've seen a good bit of swatches over Ciao Milano over black but since this was my mani for my husbands graduation...and the school colors feature navy...I used that as my base color inspiration.
I also didn't want to use a holo polish as the base. I wanted Ciao to stand out on it's own!
Enter...Pahlish...Mad Man with a Box. I knew it was the perfect base when I saw it. While you won't see the polish on it's own in this post it definitely doesn't go unseen in all it's deep dark blue glory!
The beauty of Ciao Milano is it didn't hide Mad Man with a Box. Thanks to the varying colors in Ciao the Pahlish was still very visible!
Okay enough blah blah blah...
Ciao Milano and Mad Man with a Box
Mad Man and all it's blue fabulousness.

A slight shift of the hand and voila! Ciao Milano shines!

A mix between the two!


          Indoor in the evening light of my living room            Indoors under the kitchen light
Outdoors in direct sunlight...the sprarkles were SO bright and color shifting that it didn't focus!

A slight shift shows the Pahlish more predominant (left) and shift again to see the EP come to life (right)

Coats -
Three coats of Pahlish Mad Man with a Box (no formula issues at all) and one coat of Enchanted Polish Ciao Milano. (no issues with formula)
Color Intensity -
I doubt it's just the combo of the navy base and Ciao topper...I think Ciao topped over any base it'll be striking but this duo really popped! I wore it for 2 days which is long for me since I obsessively change my polish. The color shift is prominent whether you're in the dim light, sunlight, or anywhere else. You'll see hints of so many different colors! Teal, purple, pink, blue, green...so many!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Do you have any of the toppers from Enchanted Polish?
Are you a avid Pahlish fan like myself?

While EP's can be hard to come by since the site sells out so fast...keep an eye out for surprise restocks!

Where to find Pahlish -


Where to find Enchanted Polish -


See you tomorrow!

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