MAC Cosmetics Review and Swatches - Playland Collection - Head in the Clouds

Taking a little break from my normal What I Wore Wednesday posts to do a little lipstick review!

I haven't done one in ages...the last one was my NYX Butter Lipstick Review...but I thought I would stick with lipstick reviews for a little bit. Or go back and forth between clothes/makeup. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Today I have my 100% honest opinion on one of the lipsticks from the recent Playland Collection from MAC. I bought the lipstick based on the rave reviews and ended up being disappointed by it!

Red with pearl - frost finish
mac cosmetics, playland collection, head in the clouds, review
mac cosmetics, playland collection, head in the clouds, review

Slightly different lighting -
You can see the gold "shimmer" a bit more here.
mac cosmetics, playland collection, head in the clouds, review


What I think about Head in the Clouds

Honestly....I really truly dislike it.

I am SO bummed about that too. Not just because I paid for it but because I love ALL my MAC lipsticks. 

This was just a fail. 

The "shimmer" is terrible. It's my own fault for thinking it would differ from the NYX Glam Aqua Luxe lipstick line which has similar shimmer in it. I cannot stand feeling that grit that comes along with that effect.

Also the longer it's on...the more prominent that gritty feeling from the shimmer is.

Honestly I didn't really like the color itself at all. It didn't say "playland" to me. The promo photos of the collection are so whimsical and bright and this just didn't have that feel to me. I felt like it was on the dull side also...not much life in the color.

And really wasn't that red. Who knows maybe it just didn't read that way on my lips/skin but it was more of an orange leaning red in my opinion.

Primer -
No primer. I wanted to get the full effect of the color before using a primer.
Three to four good swipes on both the top and bottom lip.
Staying Power - 
6.5/10 - not great but not terrible
Color Bleeding -
This bled into my lip lines more so than other MAC lipsticks I own probably due to the very soft formula

I'll be back tomorrow with a perfectly posh polish from Eat.Sleep.Polish!

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