Julep Review - Flora and my first impression of the Plie Wand

So you know my nails are on the short side anyway and I have teeny tiny short and narrow nail beds as it is. I say that because I had to give my nails a good chopping down because I managed to break not one but two nails over the weekend.
I for one don't really care how short a bloggers nails are but figured I would give you a heads up anyway.
Because polish is pretty no matter what length of nails you have or how tiny your nail beds are!
My oh so fabulous friend Danielle (hi Danielle!) helped me acquire this pretty polish from Julep recently and when Mother's Day rolled around I knew I had to use it because my mom loves purple!
Not only did it take me by surprise by how gorgeous it is...I actually kept in on my nails for a few days which is uncommon for me.
(Exotic dragonfruit with blue shimmer)


Fun fact. I used the Plié Wand from Julep for this mani.
As you can tell these photos are on my dominant hand and I had issues staying in the lines so I'm not sure how useful this new tool from Julep is. Mostly because it's so clunky I messed up my polish by knocking the wand into my wet nails!
If it wasn't so oddly shaped and long I would say it is a good tool to have if you aren't all that skilled when painting your nondominant hand. Maybe I'm not just great using it so it's worth a try if you have it or are thinking about getting one.
Coats -
Three thin coats. Two coats will get you a lighter purple more of a pink purple. I went with three coats to make it more purple.
Color Intensity -
One of the prettiest Juleps I've used and probably one of the prettiest ones in my Julep stash.
The purple is almost a neon purple. It's a super unique color. THEN adding the blue specks in it really steps it up even more. It's sold out right now it seems but definitely keep an eye out for it to come back in stock!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
See ya tomorrow! 

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