MAC Cosmetics Review and Swatches - Playland Collection - Red Balloon

I'm back for another week of lipstick reviews/swatches!
I'm not sure how well received they are by you guys but hopefully you don't hate them!
Don't worry I do have other lipsticks other than MAC.
So last week I gave you my thoughts on Head in the Clouds from this same collection...if you missed here.
THIS week I have my review of Red Balloon which is another lipstick in the Playland collection and guess what? I LOVE IT. Leaps and bounds more than Head in the Clouds.
Let's have a look!
(still available in the link above via Nordstroms)
Described as a "hot fuschia" on MAC website

                      Initial Application - rear facing camera                         After hours of wear - front facing camera

 (All photos taken with rear facing camera on iphone 5 for truest color)

Fading after 6 hours of wear

Primer -
No primer but I did have on lip balm (Aquaphor) making it more creamy than it would have been
Coats -
Two good coats on each lip
Staying Power -
7/10 - not perfection but not bad - IF you were this sans lip balm it WILL last longer with less fading
I wore this on Saturday with lip balm or primer and it lasted for half the day though it did gather more in my lip lines.
Color Feathering/Bleeding -
I didn't wear a liner in the photos and as you can see this lipstick didn't bleed or feather into my lip lines.

I HIGHLY recommend snagging this one from the Nordstrom link I provided above. Get it while you still can at retail price! Plus shipping from Nordstrom is FREE! Yes!

See you tomorrow!

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