Pahlish Review - Mystery Holo Creme

Annnnd we're back.
The first full week of May in full swing. What's the temperature like for you in your neck of the woods right now? If it's anything like it is here in's full steam ahead to misery.
Then again...I loathe the heat and the humidity is a killer.
So I have another Pahlish to share with you! Granted this may not seem all that nice to share because it was a mystery polish so for the most part I would chances are it would only show up for sale/swap in polish groups. If anything this post is to share some of the pretty you can expect when you take a leap of faith and buy a mystery from Pahlish.
Not only are the mysteries very affordable and unique but they are also divine. I've yet to buy one that I didn't love. As of right now there are three categories of mystery polishes.
Mystery Crème - crème only - no glitter or shimmer
Myster Holo - same as below but only holo  
Mystery Pahlish - mystery chosen at random - "oops batches", prototypes, test bottles & unreleased
Today's mystery came from the holo section. Though this could be a crème/glitter also. It does have holo in it it's just subtle. This is the most subtle holo I've received in my mystery holo orders but I love it!
Mystery Holo/Crème


See I'm not lying...the holo is very much there!
Coats -
Two perfect coats. No issues with formula.
Color Intensity -
This is such a dainty and feminine grey/gray (how do you spell it??)
The holo really gives this some sass and the shredded glitter looks like little bits of broken glass. A really stunning polish that I would've bought even if it wasn't a mystery!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
Have you snagged any mysteries from Pahlish? I will not admit to how many I have...I won't!
Where to find the Pahlish -
Tomorrow I have a stunner from Smitten Polish!

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