Aly's Dream Polish Review - Debian Red #41

Sorry for the lack of What I Wore yesterday, as it turns out, if you don't take any photos of outfits you don't have anything to post on a post about outfits!

Have no fear, I'm back with something pretty so share, will that make up for me missing a post? Oh wait...that's my own OCD that's weighing on guys probably didn't even notice the lack of a post yesterday!


I was jonesing for another Aly's Dream Polish this week (surprise, surprise) and searched through my stash and found this beauty!

Scroll on down for all the shiny!

     I know you're thinking this isn't a great photo because
      it's not...but the point of it is in the darkest of dark of                                           
              the evening light...the polish still shimmers!                                                  Natural light

Coats -
Two easy coats. No issue with formula/dry time/ issues!
Color Intensity -
Debian Red is a quiet red. A reddish/pinkish with a hint of brown in certain light. It's rich, it has a little drama in it, but it won't stop traffic. It's a perfect "work" red if you want to feel snazzy but not go all out RED for the office. A great addition to any stash! 
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Where to find Aly's Dream Polish -


As always, the title of the polish at the beginning of the photos, is the direct link to the polish in the shop. Because I'm helpful like that...mostly it's because I appreciate when posts have direct links somewhere in the post!

I shall see you tomorrow!

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