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So I'm going to start out by saying...I shall not apologize for overloading you guys on photos for this beauty. But I don't think you'll be looking for an apology anyway!

Lots of macros. No explanation needed'll totally get it when you see it.

Also I'm sure I'm not the only person that immediately thinks of Once Upon a Time when reading the name of this polish. Who else agrees that the BEST villain so far on the show has been Peter Pan...he was SO freaking great!!

Whoops...back on track.


(bright green linear holographic polish that leans a little bit to the teal side on some skin tones and more to the forest green side on other skin tones)

                     Indoor lighting in the evening                                 Direct morning light 

Woo hoo! Macros!

Coats -
Three coats. No issues with formula or application. Also no staining! I know green can be finicky in regards to staining.
Color Intensity -
I. Can't. Even. This is one of the most divine greens I have ever had on my nails. It's so much more than just green. That blue shift is freaking fabulous. It's not too bright of a green and it's not too dark. It's this amazing blue tinged green which makes it so so special.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Do you love it? Because I sure do!

Where to find Smitten Polish -


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