What I Wore Wednesday - One Pair of Tights to Rule Them All!

I promise I'm not exaggerating when I say these tights are the end all be all tights.
I know...how can I say that when I HAVE SO MANY TIGHTS??
When I first saw these babies I didn't realize the "nude" portion of them would be transparent so its my actual skin color that shows through. Because of that it gives the Aztec print a LOT of attention.
These are not tights you want to wear if you DON'T want attention. I can't wear them without people asking if they're tattoos or tights.
So without further delay...
Dress - Old dress from H&M - bought second hand
Crochet vest - very old...from Francesa's
THE TIGHTS - originally from (surprise surprise) a zulily sale - if the sale is still live today (it may not be) that link will take you to the listing. If that link doesn't work you can buy them here too.
Necklace - originally from zulily
Shoes - Hautelook sale - brand is ANNA shoes
Polish - My Ten Friends in Starry night
Lipstick - MAC Girl About Town
Details -
                                                                                                     sorry for the poor lighting on the photo above...

See ya tomorrow!

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