My Ten Friends Review - Starry Night

Velcome ladies and gents!
Channeling my inner Cabaret there.
Okay so I shared a mani featuring My Ten Friends a couple weeks ago and loved it so much I was compelled to post another ASAP!
I apologize for sharing a polish that isn't easily attainable but it's not impossible! Possibly it'll be restocked in the shop? Maybe I have no idea!
Hopefully at the very least you'll enjoy the photos of it!
(inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's painting - The Starry Night)

                                     Direct Sunlight                                         Indoor - evening light 

It's the return of the mac!
Coats -
Two thick coats. Thick because the polish itself is thick due to the heavy mass of glitters and it's a jelly. But nothing that wasn't manageable!
Color Intensity -
This polish is pretty damn outstanding. It's literally Starry Night in polish form. The color match is amazing. I was mesmerized by my fingernails every time I looked at them. Even more in the sunlight because you can REALLY see all the colors in the sun. I know it's not the easiest polish to track down because it hasn't been restocked yet in the shop but it's a must!!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
starry source

Find My Ten Friends -


I'll see you tomorrow....FRIDAY!!!

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