Things I Fancy Friday - Kate Spade, Sangria, and Drugstore Makeup

Though I'm sure by the time you read'll know it's Friday or Friday has came and went but...
Woo hoo!! It's Friday baby!
Boy do the hubs and I have a busy weekend ahead of us. I'm tired just thinking about it.
Oh speaking of the husband...he's graduating today!! Next step...grad school. Yeesh. It doesn't stop.
Congratulations sweet scientist husband of mine!
Okay...finds time!
the atlantic-pacific blogger has the most divine style...
I want the contents of her my size!

That's appropriate for a "with breakfast" drink yeah? It's got fruit!
This is the most divine plant stand I've ever seen. If you get a chance to peruse this blog won't be sorry! So much fabulous!
Do you use or plan to try any of these drugstore shadow palettes?
One day...when I grow up...I want a workspace
full of this fabulous organized chaos and natural light.
See you Monday! 

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