Aly's Dream Polish - Reavers - Ballad of Serenity Collection

What better way to celebrate my 400th post than to post a mani with my all time favorite polish brand?

Yep. Aly's Dream Polish. The end all be all brand in my book.

I asked around a bit on what polish I should share today and Reavers was the clear winner. 

Oddly enough, last week, I shared Companion which is also in the same collection as Reavers.

So let's get to the polish!

(a muddled red holographic polish with black shreds)

Indirect artificial light

Indoors in the evening and it still wants to shine!

Coats -
Two thin coats. Easy easy easy coats. Just like every Aly's I've ever used.
Color Intensity -
My fabulous and gorgeous friend Kate was the first person to say..USE REAVERS for your 400th post...and she said that my mind would in fact be blown when I used it. And mind was blown. This is such a unique color that at first glance you would think it was just the base color and some randomly shaped black shreds in it. But NO...not only is the base color this glorious pinkish/reddish hue but it has this divine gold holo. Absolutely stunning.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Where to find all things ADP!


See ya tomorrow!

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