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Okay I have a confession.
I didn't buy this polish because it's inspired by the television show Bones.
I bought it as an ode to my hubby.
He'll be starting grad school before too long and will be beginning the long and tedious journey of getting his PhD in the field of chemistry.
I'm not fully prepared for what that all means but for now...I'm just going to share this polish that reminds me of my chemist hubby.
(pumpkin orange with glass fleck shimmer)


Coats -
Three coats. A thin coat and two regular coats. This is a little on the sheer side. Looking back I would probably go with a fourth coat since it's sheer enough that building it up wouldn't make it thick.
Color Intensity -
A eye catching orange with a fabulous pink pop! Such a fun polish. The pink pop is easier to see in person when shifting the nails or when they catch the light but it's still very much there. Also the bright orange was making my camera do somersalts and didn't want to focus!
Top Coat - HK Girl 
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Do you any Girly Bits? Or any of the Bones collection polishes?

All the Girly Bits Goods -


See ya tomorrow!

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