Tillie Polish - Sweet Treats Collection Spring 2014

Is it just me or is Sunday THE shortest day of the week?

Maybe it's because the hubs and I leave our errands and "to dos" for Sunday. 

Then BAM it's the evening and time to prep for the work week again.
On the bright side of this work week...I have lots to share with you in regards to fabulous things!
Are you prepping for spring yet? I'm never ready for spring because I love the cool/cold weather but that doesn't mean I turn away from spring colors!
I should give you a heads up that I don't focus on "seasonal" colors...I wear what sparks my interest so I'll be sharing in the same way! I could wear dark polish or bright polish! Just depends!
Today I have three of the five NEW colors from Tillie Polish's Spring 2014 Collection. The Sweet Treats Collection. Yum!

Tillie has some of the best creme polishes! Definitely some of the best in my whole stash! 

So let's have a look-see at the pretties!

I thought it would be fun to add a little polka to each mani to highlight each color in every set of photos!

Coats -
Two easy coats BUT can easily be a one coater with one thicker coat vs. two regular coats. Self leveling so smooth and perfect!
Color Intensity -
This is a beautiful and lush pink. It's so feminine but so rich! A perfect pink for a date night or a fancy girls night out!
Top Coat - HK Girl 
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Apple of my Pie

Dots dots and more dots!


Coats -
Two coats! And no surprise here they were just as flawless as the first polish!
Color Intensity -
Okay I love green...I know it's not everyone's cup of tea (though if you haven't tried a green yet I insist that you do!) and this one is so darn perfect. It's not BRIGHT green or dark green. It's literally the perfect spring creme green. It has a blue undertone (well I see a blue undertone...I have no idea if it's actually there!) that keeps it warm and from being obscenely bright.
Top Coat - HK Girl 
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

 Ooooh scattered dots. Party dots!

Coats -
Three coats. Like most yellow cremes it does require a little extra time. It was a little streaky on the first coat but as the coats were added and thickness increased it leveled out and as you can see...streaky free!
Color Intensity -
The color is slightly finicky in my direct light so it appears a touch brighter than it is in person. The last photo of the polish bottle played much nicer than in the mani photos. I didn't want to edit the color in the photos because I prefer not to digitally change the color. And there wasn't TOO much of a color difference as it was. So with that being said it can appear more yellow in some lighting and then also more of a buttery yellow in other lighting. Both of which are perfectly springy and dainty. I know some people are huge fans of yellow and some people aren't but this really is a nice in between yellow to have. I have fair skin but I feel like it will work on many skin tones! Also there is a subtle shimmer in this that appears to be a little shy!
Top Coat - HK Girl 
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
All the good stuff!

Swing on by tomorrow for *gasp* more springy things!

*polish provide for review and honest opinion*

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