Big Spoon Lacquers - Childhood Wonderment Summer 2014 Collection - Animated Inspirations

Boy oh boy do I have a large and fabulous post for you guys today!!

I cannot contain my excitement about this brand and collection!
The collection will be available beginning on April 1st so mark your calenders! 

Big Spoon Lacquers is the mad scientist behind this whimsical and heartfelt collection inspired by the Childhood Wonderment and lessons learned from some Disney movies we all know and love.

I have three of the nine polishes to share with you today. 

Love's Adventures - inspired both by the message and colors of Up!
Dream Big - inspired both by the message and colors of Ratatouille
Going Against the Grass - inspired by both the message and colors of A Bug's Life

Let's get this Disney party started shall we?

Love's Adventures
(Light blue jelly polish with multi-colored/shaped glitters inspired by Up!)


I've included photos of the polish without and WITH an undie - the undie I used is Breezi from Zoya because it seemed like the perfect blue to pair it with so the glitters could really pop!
This is the polish on it's own. You can see there is a slight VNL (visible nail line) but nothing that isn't wearable if you're not a fan of wearing a base color.

No undie! 

With undie...oh this is so Up! in polish form!

Coats -
Three coats on the undie-less swatches and one to two thin coats over Breezi. The glitters are easy as pie to get out and distribute. No issues at all retrieving the different shaped glitters from the bottle. Polish lays flat without a top coat!
Color Intensity -
This is such a perfectly inspired Up! polish...I knew what it was inspired by before I even read the description. It's so whimsical and will literally bring a smile to your face when you have it on your nails.
Top Coat -
No top coat!
Dream Big
(Dark blue with a deep dark purple lean with a rainbow of blue, purple, and pink glitters inspired by Ratatouille)
It's blurry but it shows the shimmer and how the colors just pop off the nail!

Coats -
Two regular coats. No issues with thickness. Perfection. 
Color Intensity -
This is such a bold but subtle color. The bold comes from the bright and sassy glitters but the base color itself is subtle enough to keep the glitters from being in your face. I would go as far to say this is office appropriate! Then again...I think all polishes are office appropriate :) This polish is the perfect combo of dark blue and the shimmers in it can give it a purple lean. It's absolutely beautiful!
Top Coat - HK Girl 

Going Against the Grass
(Bright fresh cut grass green jelly polish packed with holographic bar glitters and blue bar glitters inspired by A Bug's Life)



I have so so so much love for this polish...I can't even put it into words.

I thought the best way to show that the holographic glitters were just catching light and NOT popping off my nail...was to take a profile shot. I cross my polish loving heart there was no curling or popping of this polish. The holo bar glitters are so reflective that it only appears that way on camera!
A video!! I had to take a quick video to show how insanely holographic and shiny this is! 
This is just indoors under regular lighting.

Coats -
Three thick coats. No issues with the thickness even with the amount of coats. 
Color Intensity -
OMG! So intense and so amazing. I was stunned...shocked by this polish. Not only were the glitters incredibly easy to get out and distribute evenly but there was zero curling. All of the glitters lay completely flat and is smooth as anything with just one coat of a top coat. Really it doesn't need a top coat I just wanted to test if it lessened the shine. It didn't! I can't say enough about this...a MUST have!
Top Coat - HK Girl - one coat

Big Spoon Lacquers -

Make sure to like and follow where you can to stay updated! I can't wait to see the swatches of the other polishes in the collection!

*polish provide for review and honest opinion*

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