Smitten Polish - Nimbus

So I'll admit these aren't the most recent photos in the world. 

But I have a handful of polish photographs that are just sitting in a folder twiddling their proverbial thumbs waiting to get posted! 

I don't believe Nimbus is in stock right now but I checked with Noelle a little while back and she said it should be back in stock at some point.

(*appears as either a white or very pale grey holographic polish depending on your skin tone)
smitten, nimbus, holo, holographic

Coats -
Three thin coats - you can get by with two if they are thicker coats.
Color Intensity -
I felt like Nimbus leaned a little gray and sometimes had a pale blue tint to it on my skin tone. It was a little reminiscent of Enchanted Castle on a Cloud in my opinion. It's not AS gray though. This is such a pretty and soft color with a gorgeous glimmer of holo. Definitely something to watch to be restocked!
Top Coat - HK Girl 
Base Coat -

Do you have any Smittens? 
Up until maybe 6 months ago I had never tried the brand and I was so glad I finally snagged a few to add to my ever growing polish stash!

*description copied from old listing of Nimbus in shop

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