Things I Fancy Friday - Shamrock Shake, DIY, and Must Haves

Well shortly after this time tomorrow I will be at the salon getting lots of length taken off my hair.
I thought growing my hair out from my short bob that I've had for so long...seemed like a great idea. Since with my jet black hair and bangs it doesn't leave me a lot of "I wanna change my hair and try something new" options. Now fast forward a year later from that hair has grown about 7 inches and I hate it more and more each day. I don't get long's heavy and time consuning and I feel blah with it. So off it goes. I'll miss my ponytail...a lot...but that's about it.
So blah blah hair. Something I'm sure you guys could live without hearing about! are some finds I fancy this week.
hair, hair tools, styling
Are these "must haves" for you? I have 4 of these things...and only one of which I really use. (the hairdyer)

shamrock shake, mcdonalds, leprechaun, rainbow
I've seen this floating around recently...but the little candy rainbow in this recipe was too cute. Had to share!

lime crime, diy, trinket
This DIY sculpture is so freaking cute. I love anything that can be classified as a "chachki" holder so I'm all for this.

If I didn't loathe my terrible excuse for a back "yard" I would so love to have these! One day when I have a yard that doesn't back up to interstate 95...

Of course the source for this is BS...BUT...I had to share. This is so about serene. I need some serene!

Make sure to come by on Monday! I have a review/comparison post of Aly's Dream Polish Tiffanytea and Tiffany's Revenge!

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