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Yo ho ho and a bottle of polish!

Rum colored polish?? Oooh...


So I should say this post is a possible "spoiler" alert because the Holo Grail box from Dazzled just shipped out from Hong Kong last week. And since this polish is part of that may or may not want to see a full review of it! Dazzled posted a sneak peek of each polish on their FB page so if you've seen that then you already know mostly what to expect!

So with all that being said...I present to you...

(pink polish with teal/purple shimmers)

All the pretty macros show the versions of the shimmies. 

Coats -
Two gloriously easy coats.
Color Intensity -
The pink base isn't an in your face pink. It's this gorgeous dainty and feminine pink that has the most fabulous pops of color. The shimmers are hard to capture on camera but they are EASILY seen in person. A super stunning and fun polish. 
Top Coat - HK Girl 
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

ADP Shop
ADP Instagram

As I mentioned earlier...this beauty isn't available in the Aly's was only available in the Holo Grail box for March. If you're in polish groups on facebook keep an eye out for it to pop up for sale or swap!

Tomorrow I will have a HUGE post with some amazingly adorable and pretty polishes from Big Spoon Lacquers!

*polish provide for review and honest opinion*

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