What I Wore Wednesday - Black, Blush, and Florals

You guys aren't going to believe this...

Well you might because it's nothing that is difficult to believe.

My "main" photo is clear!!! Gasp!

Also...this is the last outfit photo that I'll have with long hair! And yes as soon as I was uploading this...I totally missed having long hair. Typical!

So let's get right to the ensemble eh?

Cardigan - Modcloth
Dress - Target (similar)
"Pearl" Necklace - Kohls
Tights - from a zulily sale but I found them here
Shoes - Letter Press - Seychelles
Lipstick - I forget...but it's probably NYX something or another
Nail Polish - Aly's Dream Polish - Tiffany's Revenge


Swing back around these parts tomorrow for a mani I've yet to decide on!

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