Aly's Dream Polish - Persimmon #73 - New Aly's Color Additions!

Oh look! More Aly's! 

Would you guys be cool if I posted one Aly's a week? Because...I kinda have a ton of them. I'd be happy to accept color requests for colors you'd like to see! Granted I don't have them all but I have enough to accept requests :-)

Aly released eight new colors during her last restock and I have them all. I'm posting one today and I posted the prototype of January's LE polish last month, Garnet Dreams, but I may do a more updated post that has the released version of Garnet Dreams. So if there are any of the new colors you'd like to see let me know!

Also here is the link to the main page of the shop!

Okay polish time.

(A mid-orange with red undertones)

I wanted to take photos that showed both the bright and bold orange that this polish shows most of the time but also wanted to try and catch when it shows those red undertones. Hopefully I've done it justice!

The indoor goodness....normal light...and it's so shiny!

The holo plus the oh so sassy and bright polish made my camera put up a fight..look at that thumb!

The holo and the bright color played tricks on my camera.

Coats -
Two coats. Nearly fully opaque in one coat. Fabulous formula as always.
Color Intensity -
Oh yeah. It's intense alright. You feeling fun and feisty? Put this on your paws. Definitely a show stopper with the unmistakable Aly's Dream Polish holo shine. Besides Spicy Sriarcha this is one of the boldest of the new colors.
Top Coat - HK Girl -
Base Coat -

To get all the deets on all things Aly's...below are the links to keep you in the loop.

Come on by tomorrow for Things I Fancy Friday. Because it'll be Friday...and it'll be fancy.

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