Pahlish - Switchblade and a Motorbike - Blue or Turquoise?

So I want to start off this post with a little PSA (Polish Service Announcement) about this polish.
The color was playing tricks on me! I thought I was going bonkers.
In the initial swatch on Pahlish's website it looked more turquoise and when I pulled out the bottle to paint my too looked more turquoise like the swatch...and on my nails in my living room it looked turquoise-ish.
THEN...under the direct light in my light box and in my kitchen and everywhere else that had a brighter light it was very very blue.
I went back and forth about posting these swatches on my blog because I didn't want people to think my photos were drastically inaccurate because like I said in the bottle it looks teal!
But the more I wore it and saw it in different light I realized...this polish is just a color changer. As in...the color changes dramatically depending on the lighting.
With that being said...I tried posting different variations as best I could!
 Make sure to look at all the photos/descriptions!
Here's what I need from you!
 Do you have this polish too?? I am dying to know if this just happened to me! Is it my bottle? Or is it this way for everyone?? 
(from the website - Turquoise blue holographic with heavy gold shimmer) 

Left - indoors during the day - more blue
Right - indoors at night (you can see that the turquoise is more prominent in less bright lighting)
Outside in direct sunlight - HOLY HOLO - also the sunlight brings out the blue

You can see that when the gold shimmer is more present that color reads more turquoise

Again the nail in the background as the light hits it is more blue than the nail that's in the foreground where the gold shimmer is more prominent.
Coats -
Two coats. Formula got a teeny bit thick during the second coat but nothing that needed to be thinned out or anything of the sort.
Color Intensity -
This post is more or less all about the color. Was that annoying or helpful? I wasn't sure how to approach this since I've only seen one other swatch! The good thing is...not matter the "lighting" and whether it's more blue or more's stunning. The holo and the shimmer and the color/s. All absolutely beautiful and rich!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat -

My gosh...did you guys make it all the way down here?
So long post even longer...
This isn't a negative "review" in the least. It's partially me hoping to hear what others think if they have this polish too and to share the polish and all it's gorgeous.
Because no matter what "light" you see the polish is divine.

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