NerdLacquer - Cyance Friction - PS: Please don't hate me for sharing a HTF!

So as you may be able to pick up on by the subject of this post...I hemmed and hawed over sharing this.
I personally don't really mind seeing polishes on a blog that are either hard to find (HTF) or no longer being made. Mostly stops me from buying more polish...but still allows me to see the pretty polish! Or it gives me something to search for...because I'll admit going through the motions of tracking a HTF is part of the fun of the hunt!
So I decided to share this beauty with those of you who don't mind seeing polishes that may not be easily accesible!
Amanda, the NerdLacquer mad scientist, makes some beautiful polish. Sadly, no one really knows what's happened to her, she comes and goes in the wide world of polish. When she does decide to restock (I'm sure she some point..and I'm sure it'll be unplanned like the last one) this one will be available!
Cyance Friction
(*brilliant cyan-teal with pink shimmer plus turquoise and copper glitter)

Indoor lighting - still bright and fabulous. The drab indoor lighting doesn't dull this baby!
And the macs of course...see that hidden pink/purple shimmer??? It gives this polish SO much life!

Coats -
Two regular coats. Not thin, not thick, and it's completely opaque! Not many glitters can give you that quick two coater application!
Color Intensity -
This is such a beauty. If/when NL restocks and you either don't have any in your collection or haven't gotten this one yet...please snag it! I swear that shimmer admist of the beautiful teal will have you staring at your nails all day.
Top Coat - HK Girl -
One coat and it was a smooth as can be. This glitter isn't glitter hungry at all! 
Base Coat -

 Soooo...a good or not good thing that I shared this HTF? It's hard to find but NOT impossible! Hell I found it! :)

Come by tomorrow for WIW! I'll have the full outfit that I wore with The Shine Project bracelet I shared with you last Friday!

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