What I Wore Wednesday - Bibs, Blue, and Buns

Things are starting to get back to normal around these parts. The visiting family are headed back home and I'm getting back into my daily routine.
Ah routine. You keep me sane.
So today and next week's What I Wore will be the last two posts where I have my non-short cut. I took a couple week's photos the week before I got my hair cut. This is my last "bun" photo...which is so bittersweet because I'll miss that darn easy updo!
Also I THINK this is the last week for terrible quality photos. Granted they still won't be anything spectacular but I believe I found a little fix for it!
Cardigan - Modcloth (currently out of stock but restocks often)
Tights - Target (xhilaration brand)
Bib Necklace - Kohls (similar)
Shoes - Zulily - brand is Tory Klein (I can't find them for sale anywhere!)
Lipstick - Mac in Mac Red
Nail Polish - Aly's Dream Polish in Persimmon
It's all in the details - 

This is hands down one of my favorite dresses. It's my "go to" dress when I'm feeling blah or rushed. There are these amazing "bones" in the dress so it flares out the skirt and keeps it there. So crazy. I snagged it last year I believe during a Dorothy Perkins sale and am so bummed they're gone now because I would've gotten a back up!
Do you have a "go to" outfit?

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