Things I Fancy Friday - Spring Lipstick, Green Tea, and Pickles

Oh thank the work week Gods it's Friday!!

PS - those work week Gods are real jerks every day BUT Friday.

What a week it's been. 

Annnnd it'll be a busy weekend! The hubs is knee deep in preparing to graduate so he's overwhelmingly busy. And I'll be swatching! I have some oh so sweet polishes from Tillie Polish to share with you on Monday!

So to celebrate the closing of this work week I have lots of fabulous to share!


I'm going to lie...spring and summer are my least favorite seasons BUT I do love some coral.

Anthropologie isn't in my budget unless it's from a thrift shop but this is so dreamy!

Mmmmm green tea.

Need it. Wish it was on sale even though it's brand new to the store!

The oh so lovely Karen over at StrangelyPainted is so damn creative and talented. If I had half the talent she did I would do nothing but paint! Follow her on IG too because you're missing out if you don't!


Pickles...what a cute darn painting.

Whatcha got planned for the weekend? 
Has spring cleaning started yet? I have no idea my husband would is not my strong suit. I excel at "picking up" no so much cleaning.

I will see you Monday!


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