Above the Curve - Doctor Who Inspired Collection

Well as of today I'm officially married one year! My husband and I are out gallivanting around to celebrate the occasion! 

So because this post is SO photo heavy...full of freaking fabulous polish...I will keep this pre-photo portion short.

All photos then a little cliff notes of each color at the bottom!

The colors really speak for themselves. All gorgeous and all have a sneaky bit of mischief in them. Just like a Doctor Who collection would be expected to have!

Enjoy the show! 

Relative Dimensions
 (*purple scattered holo with flashes of red/violet shimmers)

(burnt red orange scattered holo)

(forest green scattered holo with a light glowy green shimmer/flash)

(dark almost black blue base with micro flakies and scattered holo)

Coats -
ALL polishes each had two coats. Easy formula to work with like all ATC polishes I've used. 
Color Intensity -
Donna - Subtle but bold - a beautiful burnt orange that is very saturated with a striking holo/shimmer!
Relative Dimensions - This is my personal favorite out of this bunch - so stunning and such a bright and lively purple. This one packs a punch and is so so vivid and rich. A must have!
Slitheen - At first I thought it would be difficult to catch the green shift in this but it's not at all. Once on the nail the rich forest green really shows. If you love green but are unsure about how it'll look on the nail for you...this is a great way to get started with green! Or if you just love the hint of green. I personally love dark colors so this was a really fun color for me!
The Silence - While the description on the shop page mentions a purple shift in addition to a blue shift - I was unable to catch the purple. Maybe it was my lighting but either way I LOVED the blue shift in this. This can easily lean black but any light on it will catch that shift. I love the surprise and pop of the bold blue.
Top Coat - No top coat used! They are shiny and bright as is!
Base Coat -
Pure Ice

If you're already a Who fan you probably know what the names are for - but if you're just a fan of the ATC and the colors and don't know much about the inspiration  behind the polishes - make sure to check out the listings in the shop because there are perfect descriptions of where the names came from. It's definitely worth reading the inspirations!

Above the Curve Shop
Above the Curve FB

Have you snagged any of these yet? Any favorites?
I really love them all in different ways. They're all bold and have so much life to them. Another home run from Above the Curve!

As always $1.00 from every bottle sold, not just from this collection but any polish, is donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

You can also snag the entire set for only $32 and individual bottles only run $8.50!

Come by tomorrow for another installment of Aly's Dream Polish :-) I'll have one of the new color additions!

*descriptions taken from ATC's site
**mini bottles received for review and my honest opinion 

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