Love, Angeline Review - Kindred Ground

Hello polish lovers!
Polish lovers unite!
I'm getting ahead of myself here. Obviously.
I wanted to share a new to me indie brand with you guys today!
I snagged a few polishes from someone that was looking to rehome them and I thought what a fabulous opportunity to try a new (to me) brand that I've heard so much about.
Love, Angeline not only has such a pretty brand name but my goodness does she have pretty polish!
Oh and I'm kinda dying to try the "nail shields" I've seen around the polish world...I'm thinking maybe for the nail art challenged like myself that I can manage it!
Okay blah blah blah...words. Let's look at the polish eh?
Kindred Ground's so pretty.

This beauty is stunning indoors also. On the left is good old kitchen light and right is in my living room in the late evening. (My living room makes me look tan...fancy)
Outdoors! Direct and indirect sunlight -

Coats -
Two coats. Though I'm pretty sure one thick or thicker coat would cover the nail to opacity. Extemely easy to work with...even more so because I was a ninny and kept my ceiling fan on when painting my nails and it still gave me no issue!
Color Intensity -
This is such a beautiful polish. It made me feel so lady like. It's not too red or pink or purple. It's a perfect mix of all three of those colors. Work appropriate but sassy and fun enough for a night out. I loooove it. The holo effect is strong enough to make a statement but not overpowering. Really perfect.
My ONLY issue is that it's a stainer. Possibly a double up of a good thick base coat would help but honestly that won't stop me from wearing it again.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

 Okay I'm a big jerk because I don't see where this is for sale anymore. I believe it was part of a collection in 2013 (Enchanted Forest possibly?) and it's not on the site anymore!!
I've seen it in polish groups on facebook and on sale/swap boards so keep an eye out there!

**Also I just found out the Enchanted Forest Collection has two versions. Holo version and creme version. This is the holo version of Kindred Ground. Here is a link to the pinterest board that has both versions of each polish!**
What do you think?
Do you own any Love, Angeline polishes?
Where to find Love, Angeline -
Stockist Shop
(there are some non-holo versions of the collection here)
See ya tomorrow!

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