Bear Pawlish Review - Nevermore

Back again for another round of Bear Pawlish!
Before yesterday had you heard of the brand before? It wasn't until a few months ago that I had. Then little by little I saw more and more people sharing photos of their new Bear Pawlish polish.
Like I mentioned yesterday in my "wrap up" of the post/polish, Bear Pawlish, is really beginning to make a big name for themselves in the world of holographic polish. Go figure I don't have a holo polish to show you! At least not this week. I do have a few holos from Bear Pawlish in my stash though that I'll have to share soon!
With all THAT being said. I have a oh so versatile glitter topper to share with you today. I was incapable of choosing just ONE color for the base of the topper. There were too many good options! So today I have three sets of photos with three different base colors. Really it's more like three completely different polishes because it looks SO different in each set of photos.
Let's have a look shall we?
(For the Poe lovers! This is a super chunky glitters in all sorts of shapes in shades of purple, green, black, with lots of shimmers in between!)
Nevermore over Zoya Mimi

 Look at the little star!

Nevermore over Essie Licorice
The black is SO shiny under the base coat that when the light hit my nails in certain angles it made it look wrinkly but it's not!

Nevermore over Essie Chinchilly



Coats -
One to two coats on each color. No issues with glitters. No fishing. The star glitters on my nails weren't fished out! They came out all on their own.
Color Intensity -
This is such a fun topper. As you can see it takes on different looks depending on the color it's over. The bright colors POP on the dark bases (purple/black) but on a lighter base color the glitters all just show so beautifully.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Where to find all the pretty pawlish! -


*polishes provided for review and honest opinion*

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