What I Wore Wednesday - Pleats, Seychelles, and Retro Florals

Okay so I'm not going to lie...I don't love how this photo turned out.
I'm all squished in the face but I got tired of trying not to look squished.
On the bright side...I'm wearing one of my favorite blouses. 100% polyester baby! I'm a sucker for vintage polyester blouses. And pleated skirts. Always pleated skirts!
So did you make it past April Fool's Day relatively unscathed? I lay low on the "holiday" because I'm gullible and don't love feeling like the wool could be pulled over my eyes all day! But at least there is a lot of good sales during most holidays no matter what the occasion!
Cardigan - Old cardigan from Target from ebay
Top - from a local vintage shop - Southern Crossing Antique Mall
Skirt - Ebay
Shoes - Seychelles Ampersands via Ideeli sale
Bracelet - Kohls
Earrings - World Market
Lipstick - Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking Spectaculaire


Come by tomorrow to see a new to this blog indie brand polish!


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