My Ten Friends Review - First Contact

 I'm sad to took my a VERY long time to finally buy some polish by My Ten Friends.
And I can't honestly say there was a GOOD reason for that.
So I suppose this post comes at a good time because My Ten Friends will have a restock TOMORROW!! colors. OMG!
(Part of the 2013 Valentine's collection, The Kiss of the Cosmos. This beautiful beige-nude polish has black, silver and holo glitters in various sizes. Inspired by imagining French lingerie in outer space.)

Most amazing "nude-esque" polish I've ever used.

It's like the little black bits and holographic sparkles are floating atop my nails.
Coats -
Three thin coats. No issue with formula. Glitters of all sizes easy to get out and distribute.
Color Intensity -
So obviously a "nude" or beige isn't too intense but those black glitters and specs of sparkle really kick this baby up a notch!! I've never had such a light color pack such a punch. LOVE!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
Find My Ten Friends on the interwebs!
It's no doubt I'll be sharing more beauties from My Ten Friends! How can I not...I'm a girl that loves the glitters.

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