Enchanted Polish Review - March 2014


**testing testing 1, 2, 3**

I need to make sure you guys can "hear" me. 

If I said I was a HUGE fan or follower of Enchanted Polish I would be lying.

But when I saw March 2014...I needed it...because I'm hard pressed to see a green I don't like.

My oh so lovely friend Deborah *here's looking at you pretty lady* graciously offered hers up to me and because of that I can share it with you today!

March 2014

Indirect artificial light

Two similar views here so you can see that AMAZING blue!!!

Indoors in evening light. It's still trying to shine!

Ready for a slew of macros? Because I had to share more than I normally do.



Coats -
Three thin coats. Two coats would make this baby even more holo but I felt the need for a third.
Color Intensity -
Oh yeah...super intense. I wish I could have gotten a direct sunlight photo but it was overcast and/or raining the days I wore it! Hell I didn't even see it in sunlight and I was still overwhelmed with how stunning it is! The blue lean it has REALLY gives it a little extra something. Such a fun and sassy color!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Have you traveled down the Enchanted Polish path? Do you love them or can live without them?

I hope you enjoyed the swatches of all the green goodness!

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