What I Wore Wednesday - Orange You Glad it's not Red?

So I realize after taking photos and what not of this dress...the orange portions of it looks SO saturated.
I know if I didn't use my phone it would help immensely but....I do. You still get the gist of it!
While I have ya up here...make sure to come by tomorrow for my review of Enchanted Polish March 2014!
Dress - Modcloth
(I know the name of the dress has red in it...I promise it's a orangey red)
Cardigan - Modcloth
Tights - Ribbed Tights from Target in Navy
Shoes - ANNA Shoes brand - gold ballet flat - from Hautelook sale
Ring - Instagram shop (@kitchsy1969)
Bracelet - my grandmothers
Lipstick - Revlon (see photos)
Nail Polish - Girly Bits - King of the Lab
Details and all that jazz...

See the little belt...that's a more accurate color!

 Don't forget! Enchanted March 2014 photos tomorrow!

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