What I Wore Wednesday - It's GREEN...and Black.

So I funny story...
Remember a couple weeks ago when my "main" outfit photo was like...clear?
My camera was all...nope...not doing it this time.
Luckily it's not to difficult to see what the heck I'm wearing. Green and green and some black.
Ta da!
Cardigan - OLD cardigan - tagless - from Goodwill
Dress - Same ol' dress different blog post - from Kohls
Tights - Basic black tights from Target
Earrings - World Market
Shoes - B.A.I.T Footwear - Irene in Celery
Lipstick - Urban Decay in Gash
Nail Polish - a "test" polish from an up and coming indie company!
It's the details baby!!


Annnnnnd that's all folks!
Until tomorrow...

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