What I Wore Wednesday - Jessie J You Say?

I want to preface this with I don't think I resemble Jessie J...

The day that I wore this I had to stop by the grocery store for an emergency errand (for sushi...not the best option for sushi but I HAD to have it) and the girl at the check out told me how much I looked like Jessie J (before she shaved her head).

Oddly enough was not the first time I've been told that, the first time I had to look up Jessie J, because honestly I had no idea who she was. Yes...I'm out of touch.

I get a lot of "you look likes"...sometimes or most of the time it's just based on my hair/style...but hey it's always fun to hear what people think!

Do you get compared to any celebrities? Which ones?

Dress - Modcloth (yikes it's sold out!)
Cardigan - Modcloth
Shoes - Zulily (they're on sale again but there aren't many left...if any!) - brand is Chloe & Chase
Necklace - American Eagle (awww boo it's not there anymore)
Ring - local thrift shop
Nails - all Tillie polishes for my Easter mani
Lipstick - worst lipstick ever from NYX - the Glam Lipstick line has sparkles in it which feels so terrible!

While typing this up I realized Modcloth is having a 20% off sale on spring items!

This is me wishing I had money!

See you tomorrow with a mani featuring My Ten Friends!

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