Bear Pawlish Review and Swatches - Apple Grass

Good morning...afternoon...evening.
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Today I have a glorious green to share with you.
Any Whovians in the house?
If so, this will be even more special to you, as Apple Grass is inspired by a Doctor Who episode!
If you haven't tried Bear Pawlish yet I highly recommend that you add it to your list of polishes to try! I haven't met one I didn't like yet...oooh so pretty.
Let's begin!
(Kelly green with a very intense linear holo)


Direct but cloud covered sunlight - Indoor light
This is such an interesting green. I was trying to get a true color shot and the sun was the most helpful in that endeavour. It's a cool blue based green and it's incredibly bright without being neon.

It's the return of the mac!

Coats -
Two coats. And as with all my Bear Pawlish there was no issue with formula or application. Perfecto!
Color Intensity -
It's no secret at this point that I love me some green. But blue based greens are probably my favorite. It gives the color so much more depth. This is a bold color to say that least since it is green afterall but don't let the green scare you! If you haven't tried a green polish yet you must give it a shot! And this is the perfect one to start with! It's bright and sassy and so much fun!
Top Coat - Seche Vite
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Be still my heart! If I were to make a list of top 5 greens then this would be way up there on the list. I love the vibrancy of it!

Where to find Bear Pawlish -

*polishes were sent for my review and 100% honest opinion*

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