Ooh La Lacquer Review and Swatches - Rockaway Beach - Summer 2014 Collection

Hey everyone!
Well after yesterdays jam packed nail decal post. (Did you guys go and check out the Harry Potter decals??) I'm bringing you a laid back and lovely polish from Ooh La Lacquer.
If you haven't heard of Ooh La Lacquer yet or if you have and you haven't tried them yet I highly...no...strongly recommend you do! I dove in head first into the brand and couldn't be more thrilled that I did.
Nastassia, the maker of Ooh La Lacquer, has been making quite the name for herself in the polish world that's for sure!
Today I have one of the polishes in the new Summer 2014 Collection to share with you!
I will have another polish from the collection to share next week!
Ladies...this is Rockaway Beach.
(linear holographic minty goodness)

Indirect afternoon sunlight ** Indirect morning sunlight
 Look at all the pretty rainbow of colors!

Coats -
Four thin coats. This is more of a sheer mint which is what makes it so magical in my opinion. The formula is perfect and not thick or goopy so four thin coats did not make the polish thick or prone to chipping. I've been wearing this for two days with no issues, chips, or tip wear.
Color Intensity -
This whimsical minty polish isn't "intense" but it really is magical. I'm not kidding. The holo in this polish won't stop traffic or blind you in the sun. It's subtle and perfect for this color. You know it's something you would wear while riding your pet unicorn through a sky full of rainbows. That's a thing right? Hopefully because this is the polish to wear while doing so.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
Where to find Ooh La Lacquer -
Shop * Facebook * Instagram

See you tomorrow!
*polishes were sent for my review and 100% honest opinion*

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