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It's NYX baby!
NYX is hands down my favorite retail store brand of lipstick and makeup.
Have you seen the new Wonder Stick they have? I'm intrigued yet again by a new product by NYX.
My question is always...but what's the best color for me...in regards to face makeup. BB (CC and DD) Cream has taken the guess work out of finding the "perfect" color but there are still so many products that aren't that easy! Lord knows choosing a color that is a little too light or a little too dark can make or break you!
Today I'm sharing my review on the Black Label line of lipstick from NYX. NYX describes this line as "A creamy, dreamy lipstick with a velvety smooth finish and hyper-glamorous shades for every look and every inclination."
Okay blah blah blah...on to the lipstick!
(a nearly true red with pink undertones and a slight blue based red)
Different lighting to show appearance of lipstick in varying lighting
(far away and close up)

After about 6 hours of wear - eating some snacks
and drinking water through a straw - no major meals
Primer -
No primer
Coats -
Three or so coats. The creaminess of this lipstick makes it a little less pigmented but is easily built up to a nice pigmented red. 
Staying Power -
 6/10 - It does stay on pretty well. I have a tendency to rub my lips together more when I'm wearing a creamy and soft lipstick though. Because of that the color lessens more quickly than a matte lipstick. The initial creaminess of the lipstick has great staying power even though the color fades a bit the soft texture holds nicely. If you're eating you'll need a touch up sooner. A fair trade off though since your lips will stay hydrated and moisturized while wearing it!
Color Feathering/Bleeding/Build Up/Caking -
No feathering or bleeding here. No issues with any build up or product becoming caked on the lines of the lips.

Find Black Label Lipsticks here

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