Things I Fancy Friday - Gingerbread, Bubbly Summer Drinks, and Drusy Goodness

So I thought about making my "big announcement" today but then I thought Monday would be better since Friday is normally pretty slow in regards to readers!
I've mentioned "big changes" and extra stress and what not recently and I can finally tell you why!
On Monday!
Today I have lots of summer goodness for you! It's all so good!!
Taking a break from featuring the pretty alcoholic beverages I normally share to show you this incredibly refreshing and bubbly treat!
So my summer doesn't really consist of bathing suits and barely there ensembles...soooo...brownies it is! Gingerbread molasses brownies!!

Make sure to click that little source link under this so you can see how AMAZING this cottage is. That mint covered living room...those bedroom DOORS! So beautiful and perfection. I want to be there!
A pair of very tiny but very adorable and SUPER expensive...well they are definitely out of my budget but they are adorable.
It's no secret if you know me even slightly that I loathe hot like 95% of the months in Florida...this is more my speed for summer clothing. Just switch that denim out for a lightweight caridgan!
See you Monday!!

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