NYX Cosmetics Review and Swatches - Matte Lipstick - Perfect Red

Yay more lipstick!
Well it's exciting for me at least because it's getting hot in Florida...okay it's hot as all get out already...and it's not even July yet. And it's less and less appealing to take outfit photos when it's 90 degrees out. Even if I take photos in the house I'm still overheated!
So more lipstick it is.
I've got another lippie from NYX today but this time it's a matte! Though it's not as matte as it would be if I didn't have a base of lip balm underneath. I wanted to show a matte lipstick with lip balm so you can get an idea of what the effect is when you choose to add a moisturizing balm in the mix.
(bright blue-toned red)

*bare and blurry..whoops!*

*after 5 hours of wear*

Primer -
No primer
I do have a base coat of EOS balm
Coats -
Three coats
Staying Power -
9/10 As you can see, like most mattes, this baby has staying power.
It does dry out as the hours pass but since I'm wearing EOS balm as an undie it helped though you will lose the true matte finish when wearing a balm underneath. As you can see my photos aren't truly matte.
Color Feathering/Bleeding/Build Up/Caking -
I used a light handed application of a liner but for the most part you won't find much feathering/bleeding with a matte formula. Slight build up/caking the longer it's worn even with a balm underneath.
Balm vs. no balm -
Honestly with a matte lipstick I prefer not to wear a balm underneath even though it does help fight against the "cons" of matte lipstick. You have to decide if you prefer the have the complete matte finish or if you want to keep your lips moisturized and lose some of the matte.

Where to find NYX -

NYX * Ulta * Ebay

See you tomorrow!

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