Things I Fancy Friday - Dragons, Target Secrets, and Dreamy Attics

Happy Friday guys!
Are you spending part of your day paying bills like me? Blah. Pay day is such a bittersweet day.
I hope you have fabulous plans for the weekend...whether that means lounging around or being out and about!
I have lots of pretty great finds for you today if I do say so myself.
Let's check them out!
This attic is the epitome of a perfect room at a B&B - what a lovely place to wake up in
I'm obsessed with all the whimsy in this photo
There are a lot of interesting and helpful things on this list!
I could see my mom rocking this oh so unique piece
Moving soon? I was blown away by some of these helpful hints!
This is a friendly reminder that the pre-order for the holo collection by Knockout Lacquer is going on now!! Eeeek!
See you next week!

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