NerdLacquer Swatches - Batcave

So I suppose there is no REAL reason to do a "review" post of this polish because...well...NerdLacquer has disappeared from the polish world.
One of the great mysteries I tell ya.
So instead of reviewing, aka doing a little cliff notes at the end of the photos like normal, I'm just going to share photos of the allusive NerdLacquer - Batcave.
Batcave was originally part of a trio of polishes that were released exclusively for Harlow & Co.
The polishes that were a part of the trio were Batcave, Scully, and Han Shot First. I have them all so if anyone wants to see swatches of the other two just let me know!
As you may know, these little buggers can be HARD to find, especially any of the "exclusives" that NL released in the past. So it's bittersweet to share swatch photos because I know they are hard to come by so I'm sorry for sharing a hard to find polish but I hope you like seeing the photos!
Indoor light

I find it difficult to not say a couple of things about the polish and formula so I'll just to a quick recap. This is two coats on it's own. A third coat would've been closer to make it fully opaque. I don't love using a base color polish, aka undie, because I like to see things on their own. I think if I did use one that a basic black or a dark purple would be pretty neat with it. The formula was very easy to work with and had no issues with it.
So are you a NerdLacquer fan? Do you own any or did you never get on that bandwagon?
I hope you enjoyed seeing the swatches!

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