Bite Beauty Review and Swatches - Luminous Creme Lipstick - Violet

Not too long ago a lovely lady by the named of Heather reached out to me on my blog's facebook page and asked if I had ever tried lipstick from Bite Beauty. At that time I hadn't but it was on my list of "to try" brands if I ever got the spare cash to take the plunge and spend 24 bucks on a tube!

Then my birthday rolled around so I was itching to buy a few things for myself. I was window shopping online at Sephora for the brand and saw they had mini tubes for half the price of a full size tube! Two duo tubes that you can snag up at the "impulse buy" section of the registers. The one I bought was the vivid duo and the other is called the neutral duo. I always go for bright!
I'm sharing the color called Violet today that is described as a vibrant purple. 

(vibrant purple)

Oh look I got a haircut! 
*bare lips*

**after 4 hours of wear**
**after 7 hours of wear**

Primer -
No primer or lip balm. I did use a sugar scrub in the morning to take off any dead skin.
Coats -
Three swipes!
Staying Power -
This is a true creme lipstick. It's more of a moisturizer than something that is made to last. That being said it does last longer than a lot of other cremes I have. As you can see at hour 7, after lots of eating and drinking straight from a water bottle, it still keeps it's initial color. It's not really a "stain" either because the remainder was still easy to remove. Also my lips felt smooth and moisturized the entire time. 
Color Feathering/Bleeding/Build Up/Caking -
As you can see in the "four hour" photo there is very minimal feathering into my lip lines. I'm not wearing any liner or anything so for a creme lipstick this had very very little bleeding issues.

So long story this worth the $24 dollar price tag...yes.

I would pay $24 dollars for ONE of these. It's not a brand I would make a habit of buying but it's worth buying one shade to have in your bag. Luckily you can take all the time you need at Sephora to find the perfect shade!

If you're looking to test the brand before you drop 24 bucks on a full size tube I highly recommend snagging one of these mini duos for $12. Well worth it!

Have you tried Bite Beauty? Do you plan to?

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