Bear Pawlish Review and Swatches - Pretty Hate Machine

Hey everyone!
Whew! It's getting kinda hectic up in here. I haven't moved in 3 years and moving to a whole new city? Yeah just add that to the list of stress! I know it's common to say but I don't know HOW my husband and I accumulated all the stuff we did in the last 3 years. **mind blown**
So I'm going to escape to polish land for a minute to share yet anouther beautiful polish from Bear Pawlish.
I bring you...Pretty Hate Machine.
(intense black jelly base with an intense linear holo. With a smidge of Iris Blue to really make the flare pop)
Setting sun direct sunlight
I know the macro on the left isn't as clear as normal and it's got a glare BUT I had to include it because of the pretty rainbow!

Coats -
Two smooth coats.
Color Intensity -
I've worn my fair share of Bear Pawlish and every time I've been in love with the final product on my nails. Always stunning. Always oh so lovely. This deep dark navy is intense and has a kick butt vibe to it. It'll make you feel pretty kick ass. If I do say so myself.
Top Coat - Seche Vite
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
Where to find Bear Pawlish -

*polish provided for my 100% honest review and opition*

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