Knockout Lacquer - Holo Collection - Heel Hook and Gogoplata

Alright you guys. I hope you're not wearing socks because these polish will freaking knock them off.

Yeah. It's that serious. 

(Whoops I skipped right to the polish chatter...I skipped right over the weekend wrap up...let's regroup at the end!)

Have you guys heard of Knockout Lacquer before? If you haven't you will be thrilled that you're hearing about the brand now!

Ashley, the lovely maker of Knockout Lacquer, will be releasing a holo collection THIS WEEK!
 Woo hoo! Today I have two of the polishes that will be a part of the eight piece collection!


Heel Hook 
(stunning bright and bold blue and it totally reminds me of Elsa from Frozen!)

            Indoor and it still is trying to shimmer!                                 Indirect sunlight!                      

Coats -
Two easy and flawless coats
Color Intensity -
OH MY GOSH! Stunning doesn't even adequately describe this color. I tried to capture the shimmer that really shines when the sun hits it but it's been partly cloudy here for days. Also it's SO shiny that it's impossible to catch it all in a photo. If you didn't see it in my description of the color in the title I'll say it here totally reminds of the dress Elsa wears in Frozen. Also the icy wonderland you see in so many of the Frozen photos. It's magical!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

(a dainty and lovely light purple with a pink lean)


                     Indoor light...ooh sparkles                                       Indirect sunlight

More sunlight because I'm obsessed with the holo goodness

Coats -
Two coats. No issue with formula or application. A third coat may have darkened the purple a bit and made it less pink leaning. 
Color Intensity -
As you can see this light and airy purple leans pink - even more so in the sunlight - which is perfect. I love the sweet and lovely feel this polish has. Even more so because it does lean pink because it's such a light purple. It's SO pretty and ladylike!
Top Coat - Seche Vite
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Are you in love like I am?

They are so freaking perfect. I wish the dreary and blah hurricane season weather didn't make it so hard to capture how shiny polishes are but I think I prevailed!

Make sure to go and like Knockout Lacquers FB page (see below) to stay up to date on this new collection!

PRE-SALE of the holo collection will begin on JUNE 5th at 1PM EASTERN!

Find Knockout Lacquer


*polishes were sent for my review and 100% honest opinion*

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