Fabulous Friday Finds!

Hey everyone!

Did you participate in any Black Friday shopping? 
I didn't. I'm more of an internet shopper for sure. 

I made good of the big sale at EShakti and at ModCloth, it's a good thing I bought all my Christmas presents for my family because I am BROKE! 

Oh AND I couldn't pass up the 70% off everything at Madison Street Beauty because it is by far my favorite eyeshadow. 

Do you have your eye on anything during the big sale days this year?

Alright so time for some finds AND only two of them is cat themed! See...I'm getting better. 

Whisker Sweet Nothing Heels via ModCloth - I found these cuties when I was shopping ModCloth's Black Friday deals, I didn't buy them, but they are SO cute!

Peter Pan Collar Dress via Tulle - Loving the bow fabric of this dress! Very simple and can be paired with so many different types of accessories/shoes/tights. AND it's on sale...score!

Vintage Cat Bookends via LudiesBugaboo - I really want to buy these but I've murdered my bank account the last 2 days. I have to say no at some point! Lovin' them!

70's lime green flare dress via freebornstreet - The color of this dress is amazing! Sadly it isn't my size...if it was...it would be mine! It's only 10 bucks! 

We Who See T-Strap Heel via Urban Outfitters - The color of these heels are gorgeous and I love the straps on this. These would be so perfect with so many outfits! <3

Do you have any faves this week that are part of a big Black Friday sale? Will you break down and make the purchase?

Talk to you soon!

  1. I missed out on the shoes...my size was gone. BUT thanks for the link to the bookends...mine now!

  2. Black Friday shopping seems too stressful for me. Give me the internet over Black Friday any day! I saw those cat shoes yesterday and almost got them, but was worried I'd look too much like a crazy cat lady :). They are SO cute, though!!

  3. Those shoes are purrfect! Haha, can't resist a good cat joke :) I even looked them up online to see if I could purchase them. Thank goodness they don't have them in my size, not sure what would have happened.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  4. AHHH, those cat shoes! WOW. Good thing they're out of size 10's. Those are just too dang cute.

    I did not go Black Friday shopping. Someday...


  5. Oh, my! The shoes and the dresses are great! :p

    We didn't wake up early for Black Friday, but we did check out some stores. We were planning to go to The Home Depot to finally buy a garage opener, but one of our tires broke on the freeway, so we couldn't make it there :/. The bank account is happy about it, hehe.


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