It's Package Pals People!! *Photo heavy*

Today was going to be the second installment of the Random Wednesday BUT then I realized what day it was! 

Let me explain. 

The lovely Gentri dreamt up this amazing idea after an impromptu care package exchange with a bloggy friend of hers ALL the way in Germany. 

Everyone who wanted to partake in Package Pals let Gentri know and then shortly thereafter we received an oh so exciting email letting each of us know who we were paired up with and where in the world they lived. 

Well. Let me start off by saying I feel so lucky to have been connected with the amazing Laura for this care package journey. Laura lives ALL the way in Australia! How exciting is that? Well it's exciting for me anyway (and not just because Hugh Jackman and Ryan Kwanten are from Australia.) I've always wanted to visit Australia but let's face it, traveling anywhere outside my zip code isn't in the cards any time soon, unless said cards are made of $100 bills, and they SO are not! :p

Laura and I have so much in common it's scary! Gentri did such a bang up job matching us up. I won't go into all the similarities because my guess is it wouldn't be nearly as interesting to everyone else!

So here are some photos of our package contents. 

Florida to Australia

I found the most interesting handmade wrapping paper at World Market and just had to get it to wrap the items in! The design and colors were so pretty.
Laura had a special candy request of Hershey's and Reeses, seeing as it was October, I had to include a Halloween themed set of Reeses too!

I was hoping the timing would work out perfectly (which it pretty much did) for Laura to get her package around her birthday. Hence the Scorpio necklace. This was part of the "birthday" portion of her package. As you can see in the second photo John Krazinski went along for the ride to Australia to say Happy Birthday to Laura :p

Of course there is the quintessential tourist items. Heck...I really like the coffee mug...and after 15 years here I am SO not a tourist. PS - per Laura's info Australia is ALSO called The Sunshine State

The package would NOT be complete without some Mortal Instrument books. I rave about this series and I was glad Laura hadn't read it yet so I could be the one to send her a couple of the books! If you are familiar with always intriguing Kate you will probably recognize her work in the photo. I wanted to include one of her bookmarks because both Laura and I are animal lovers! 

Speaking of animals. Trixie just could NOT be left out of the traveling fun. 

She even tried to send herself to Australia apparently. Naughty little minx she is. 

Australia to Florida

I was SO excited to receive Laura's package. Look at all the goodies! Jewelry, chocolate, a book, AND a cowl and then some!

I loved the card she sent with the package. It's on my fridge now. I smile every time I see it. (Not just because it's on the fridge and I keep the chocolate she sent me in there too!) :p

Have you ever seen such cute chocolate?! I almost didn't want to eat it...but that poor Bandicoot didn't last long. The only animals I am willing to eat as a vegetarian :p

Speaking of refrigerators, this absolutely adorable magnet, has prime real estate on the fridge!

Seriously...yum. The package is NOT lying. They are irresistible. 

Laura sent me the cutest jewelry. I had fancy new earrings and bangles!

I haven't ever read the Princess Bride, I've only seen the movie, since it happens to be Laura's favorite book she decided to send it to me. I'm so excited to read it. 

Lastly, it looks like Trixie wasn't the only little critter to partake in packing the packages, it seems Nilly had a paw or two in mine too! : )

Whew! heavy! Did you make it all the down to the end? 

I hope Gentri decides to do the Package Pals Extravaganza again because I will definitely be signing up.

 Would you be interested in joining in on the fun if she decided on putting it together again?

PS - Make sure to stop by Laura's blog so you can see her version of the Package Pals fun!

Talk to you soon!

  1. This is perfect Jenna! You girls did a FANTASTIC job in sending each other the best packages! Wow! :) You girls are AWESOME!

    (p.s. I still can't find my city of bones book. sad day)

  2. Hi! I'm also in love with your blog! Crafting and kitties... love!

    I would definitely be interested in participating in the package pals. I used to do it years ago with fellow bloggers! I forgot how much fun it was to put the package together and then to get a surprise in the mail!

    xo Jen

  3. Omg, this is so much fun! Such great packages!! And it makes me super excited about our swap thingy!! Which also reminds me I need to answer your email. Gosh, what is wrong with me!!
    Hugs xxx

  4. So excited to start following you! If you and Laura are kindred spirits, then we should definitely be friends. :) Love the packages you two sent!

  5. this is so awesome!! me & miki were swapping packages for awhile, and i must say, they were always a blast to open. so much fun!! xx

  6. Oh my gosh, I love that copy of the Princess Bride! The cover is fab!

  7. Wow, your packages are amazing! How nice of you to have sent a pic of Trixie, hehe :p.

    Hope you get amazing packages, too!

  8. Oh, what an idiot! The second one is the one YOU got! As if the pics of the koalas weren't obvious enough, hahaha!

  9. Wait... how have I not commented on this until now!!!! Worst blogger/friend/package pal EVER!!!!! Although I think that we already emailed about it. Anyways sorry for not commenting until now, I definitely read it on the day.

    Um, so I still have leftover stuff that I wanted to send you but didn't put into the package. So I will send that out to you, not sure when though.

    Also, seeing Nilly in your pictures makes me laugh. I took her into work with me and we were a little stircrazy because it was quiet and we clipped her. We gave her a 'lion' cut, like as if she was a cat, haha!! Her tail looks hilarious!! Will have to show you the pictures.

    Wow, sorry for the essay!!! Off to watch some more TVD :)


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