Wahoooo! Fabulous Friday Finds is here!

Please excuse my excitement. This really is my favorite bloggy day because I love sharing things that piqued my interest during the week. And considering how much "window shopping" I do on a daily basis it's amazing I can get it down to just a few items!

First though...how was your week? Our weather here in Florida is finally starting to act like fall and get cool. The high today is going to be in the low 60's and it's absolutely gorgeous outside too which is nice since it's been pretty cloudy and grey (gray?) the last few days.

Any big plans this weekend? None for me so far. I will be hitting up some local thrift stores to see if I can find anything that I must have but don't need! : )

Finds Time!!

Cat Brooch via TevaGallery - So so cute! I think this beauty will make it's way into my hands soon!

Wednesday Addams Market Dress via Eshakti - Love the fall color scheme and the collar on this gem. The detail around the bottom of the skirt is so fun!

Embellished Hearts dress via Eshakti - I could NOT decide on one dress from this website. It's amazing that I could narrow it down to two! This dress is calling my name (more like screaming) there is also a large heart on the shoulder blade portion of the dress which I love. So cute!

Vintage Jade Glazed Tea Set via OopsyGirl - This tea set is so gorgeous! I'm not a huge tea drinker but I feel like I would have to change my mind if I owned this beauty!

Colour Block Satchel via UrbanOG - This bag comes in three color combinations! I love a bag that can be worn multiple ways, especially cross-body, and the wooden handle give it that something special look. What a great fall bag!

Did you see anything you loved? I couldn't choose which is my favorite, which seems to be a common problem in FFF, I can't help it! (I'm so going to buy a cat brooch before the weekend has come to an end!)

PS - all opinions on these items are mine alone!

  1. I love all of it! Clearly, we would have an awesome time shopping together.

  2. I LOVE the first 3 finds!!! :D

    Hope you're getting ready to start a fab weekend, Jenna! ;)



  3. Love those dresses from eShatki. Such an adorable collar on that yellow one, but of course, I'm more than a little biased towards nostalgia. =)
    Kristina J.

  4. I'm already being torn between the brothers and I'm only up to episode 8! I was away for the weekend- owe you an email!- and so am playing catch up with Vampire Diaries. I have the day off from school so I will be watching it all day tomorrow!!

    In other news, I LOVED that red dress. So flattering. I really should wear more dresses, they're so much fun!


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