Mid-Week Tranquility - Bring on November!!

Hey lovelies! Have you recovered from all the candy?

The treaded tradition of bring all your left over Halloween to the office began yesterday. I swear I didn't eat any...mostly because I had better leftover candy at my house!

So in case I forget come tomorrow. I have to share with you my big after work plans for tomorrow! The other half and I will be going to the fair!

Most importantly (besides the funnel cakes and cotton candy...oh and the ferris wheel) we are going to see Little Big Town who will be the act scheduled to perform tomorrow!
This is as good a time as any to say I love country music!! So needless to say I am very excited about LBT because they are pretty spectacular.

Speaking of music...(I swear I'll get to the mid-week tranquility photo soon)...have you heard the She & Him Christmas album? I ordered it the day it came out and it is amazing! They are such a great musical pairing. <3

Okay okay...here's a little tranquility for you to get lost in...I know I did.

via Pinterest - Have you seen this photo before? I was blown away by it when I first saw it. I don't know where I would start my relaxation...ahhh decisions decisions.

Are there any fairs in your neck of the woods during the Fall season? What's your favorite part of a good fair?

  1. I really think I need to visit the retreat in that photo ASAP! Thanks for the visual retreat even if I can't quite get away from it all in actuality ;-)

  2. Awe, cool! Have fun tomorrow! The one concert we were looking forward to was cancelled last week, boo! :( To make it up, though, I got tickets for TBBT :P, hope it doesn't get cancelled, too! :/ ...

    I love that pic! I would so love to go and spend a weekend there, aaaah ...

    Have a great day, sweet Jenna! ;D

  3. I was so hoping that my parcel would arrive today! It did not :( Here's for tomorrow!!!!!! I know last time a friend and I from the States sent something to each other, she got hers in America WAY before I got mine. So I know it's on the way!

    We don't really have any fairs or anything. This month, my church is hosting a Fairtrade markets though. That should be fun! I'm looking forward to that.

    And that place looks AMAZING!!!! I don't knwo where to start either!

  4. Ha- I brought all my leftover food from my Halloween party to work the next day! Wanted to get rid of that ASAP!

  5. That photo is awesome!! Have a blast at the fair -- I could sooo go for a funnel cake right now, yes even after all the Halloween candy! :P Sea Marie

  6. I dream of places like that. I find enough of those photos on Stumbleupon, I don't use Pinterest for fear of the addiction it would spawn!

    Found you through Follow Fest, come check out my blog if you're interested! I'm hosting my first give-away!

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